Hexamun: On the Brink

An Island Lost in Time

I pen this next entry in the ruins of some ancient watchtower. Norian tells me that they are of dwarven origin though tiefling influence abounds. I do not know which is more disconcerting: that dwarves could sail beyond the horizon or that they would willing work with tieflings. Reason tells me that the former is impossible and that leads me to two possible conclusions. Either the dwarves were enslaved, in which case we should see their hidden signs marking weaknesses in their constructions, or this island is tied to the Underdark. I will have to remind my companions to be on their guard.

In truth, this island concerns me. I have already had to use far more of my magic than I would like and to little gain, other than the butcher of the natives we found encamped in these ruins. I managed to give us the element of surprise, but one of our members was nearly killed and several others badly injured. And on top of all that the heat of jungle continuously saps our strength. I fear that it will take far more than the three days our crew will wait for us to explore the secrets of this place, I will recommend that we decamp before then, though it will likely meet with much resistance. Hopefully Norian or Reng’s silver tongues will convince the native survivor to speak and we soon know whether this was a fool’s errand.

I have been remiss, the Annalist will string me up if I were to give this to him without the proper descriptions. He insists that we describe, in detail, the locales we journey through. Very well, I shall endeavor to describe the island. We approached from the northwest, traversing a magical fog that enshrouded the island. I advise caution on the approach, we very nearly smashed ourselves upon the cliffs that make up this edge of the island. The fog can be cleared temporarily by magic, revealing sheer cliffs that rise some two hundred feet high. I recommend one of the wizards create discs to ferry men and supplies up, only an expert climber would stand a chance at making that ascent. The land within is verdant, a thick, humid jungle. We struck inland, to the northeast, encountering a decent sized river upon whose north bank rests these ruins. A waterfall lies to our west, higher ground to the east. I will have more sense of this place one I am able to have Kurzz climb something tall. The natives are scantily clad, with bronzed skin and simple weapons, though they are no mean fighters. I mentioned already they nearly defeated us even with the element of surprise. I would recommend engaging them from high ground and behind cover; their resistances to magic are weak and the Company would have little problem dispatching them in the Captain’s usual manner. But the prisoner is coming to…

Voyage of the Damned

I, the wizard Rake, take up the pen to chronicle the events taking place after I separated from the Black Company. I hope to one day give these notes to the Annalist so they can be added to the histories of the Company. So I’ll do my best to keep it in the right style.

In those days the Company was under contract to the legendary sorceress Whisper who led the Company south to strike at the heart of some great evil that was stirring in the Underdark. Well that, or to unleash it, she was never explicitly clear. For six months I have chased the traitors that fled with our treasure when this decision was announced, in particular the wizard once now known as Toothless Jim. My search led me to the Tower of Magisters, where an old “acquaintance” gave me the name of a suitably ruthless band of adventurers that could be persuaded to assist me in my search.

It took several weeks to reach them in some god-forsaken port on the southeast coast of the Bountiful Meadows. I arrived ahead of them to find the town overrun with the undead. I made short work of a group that threatened to overwhelm the last bastion of resistance and settled in to wait for, and I shudder to even put the words to paper, the Tiger Festival.

I had no chance to observe their fight with the Vampires that controlled the undead, but I’m am told that they were effective, if not efficient. I had chance of my own to observe their skills aboard the Nightrunner, the ship that they ‘obtained’ to take us to some mythical island southeast beyond the horizon. As individuals, they are brutally, even monstrously, effective killers, but I sense no teamwork, no synergy of the kind that can defeat the most fantastical enemies. Certainly the sahuagin we fought on the high seas were dispatched with ruthless abandon, but I fear a more coordinated assault by more intelligent foes could have placed us in grave peril. New as I am to their companionship, I shall endeavor to gain their trust in my strategic abilities, else I fear we will all be destined for a shallow, forgotten grave.

Party Crashers
Council of Six under attack!

With the party poised to defend the Council of Six from the demonically possessed bodyguards at the gala, they were blasted backwards by powerful arcane waves. While Cricket and Alawar struggled to maintain a magical barrier against further attacks from the unknown aggressor, the rest of the party fought valiantly against the possessed half-orc guards. With minimal loss of life to the distinguished party guests and all named NPCs surviving the battle, the party saved the day.

However, subcommander Xavior arrived at the culmination of the fight and took the surviving half-orcs into custody along with Kirth, all as suspects in the attack itself. Cricket left with Alawar to pursue research into the nature of the demonic possession whilst the rest of the party helped tidy up the mansion and then returned to the City Guard headquarters with Commander Demetria, Xavior, Kirth, and the dragonborn militia.

While the chapter of Red Fist infiltrators in the city may have been stopped, this powerful demonic force intent on attacking Hexamun City remains an ongoing threat. Recurring even! Dun dun dun……….

Possession is 9/10 of the Law
Dial E for Exorcism

With the capture of Darius at the Library in the last session, the party finally had someone knowledgeable about the activities of the Red Fist. Or so they thought. During his interrogation, Darius seemed confused about his ties to the Red Fist and maintained that he worked for Vega as part of the Underworld crime syndicate.

However, all of a sudden he became possessed by some powerful external arcane user who used Darius as a conduit to speak to the party. The possessor seemed to be an authority figure of some sort and the architect of the Red Fist’s plans to bring down Hexamun City. After warning the party to flee the city if they wished to avoid harm, the possessor’s link to Darius was severed by Cricket’s arcane wizardry.

With new information in hand, Cricket, Idris, and Sur Oren reported to the Hexamun City Guard HQ to inform Commander Demetria of what they had learned. However, they found out that she was otherwise occupied being prepared to be initiated into the Council of Six at a formal event that evening. They met with her new second in command, Xavior and he agreed to allow Cricket (disguised as a 2nd order Magister from the Arcane Academy) and his fellow mages to screen the guests at the Ceremony for demonic possession.

The party headed to the mansion of Kirth the Bandit King, a last minute venue switch to head off potential security concerns. Once inside, Idris, Cricket and Reng went in to scan the crowd, all disguised as Academy Wizards. Oren, Staaz, and Kurzz waited at the gates to provide extra lookout security. Whilst observing the elite crowd of the ceremony, everything seemed to be going fine until the compound came under arcane attack….Kirth’s Half-Orc bodyguards seemed to become possessed!

Fire! at the Library
Book (Burning) Club with Darius

The party began by questioning Adib in their room at the Oasis Inn. He, under some duress, revealed that he was contacted by an agent of the Red Fist to leave his place in the Underworld and work with them instead. He then took up his protection racket in the Drag sector of Hexamun City. His contact’s name was Darius, an apparent Red Fist infiltrator within Underworld itself.

The party convinced Adib in the error of his ways, and persuaded him to part with some of his protection earnings and to leave the city. They then rendezvoused with Titus at the North Gate to inform him of their success. He paid them for their work, but was troubled to learn that Darius was operating within their own organization. He contracted the party to hunt down Darius who was on a mission stealing from the Hexamun City Library.

Darius and his guards were busy searching the books and scrolls on the library shelves when the party arrived. After a tough fight where Darius set fire to many of the shelves, destroying countless tomes and records of Hexamun’s history and knowledge, he and his men were subdued. The party now stands in a burning library with a captive fire mage as their only lead to the Red Fist and its sinister plans.

The Mysterious Case of the Poisoned Wine
Poison is the party's weapon of choice

With mission in hand from Titus to track down a rogue ex-agent of the Underworld, Adib, the party picked up it’s newly re-livened members. Sur Oren and Idris proved to be all better thanks the healers at the Temple of Melora.

After scoping out the Crusty Tap, favorite inn of Adib, the party began to concoct a wild scheme to take him captive for interrogation. Reng visited an apothecary shop run by Alya in the Drag district and bought 6 vials of Goodnight Tincture. Cricket rented a room at the nearby Oasis Inn, while Staaz and Oren listened to some rumors around town and discovered that Adib was running an extortion racket in the Drag district.

With a bottle of poisoned fancy wine at the ready (courtesy of Constantine’s wine shop a few sessions past), Reng and Cricket lured Adib back to their rented room with promise of a new shop to be opened and with many profits to extort. Once Adib and one of his guards drank the poisoned wine, they fell into a deep stupor. The remaining guards were subdued with relative ease, leaving the party in possession of their prized captive. What his interrogation will yield, however, remains to be seen.

Red Fist 2 The Streets

After dropping poor Idris off at the Temple of Melora for healing, the nascent party dragged Wine Dealer / Black Market Fence dealer Constantine back to their employer Vlad at his place of business at the Horned Toad tavern. Unforunately, upon their return they discovered that Vlad had been stabbed!

He handed them a cryptic note which they quickly translated as a meeting with Vega at the North Gate of Hexamun City at Midnight. On their way, rushing to make the rendezvous, they were ambushed in the city streets by a Tiefling Assassin, Malachi. He seemed to be the same assassin responsible for the death of Orestes and the attempted murder of Vlad.

After a great struggle against him, Malachi was slain, though in the battle the mad wizard Cricket’s spells felled brave Ser Orin.

After dropping the slain Ser Orin off to join his brother in being resurrected at the Temple of Melora, the remainder of the party made their way to the North Gate, just in time for the proposed meeting with Vega. Except, instead of Vega, they were met by Titus, a lieutenant in the Underworld, who gave them their next mission.

Rise of the Red Fist

Kill or be killed. And sometimes both.
Idris died this day.

When you stare into the abyss, it stares back.
We are the Red Fist now.

We’ve turned in one badge, for another.
In the eyes of Hexamun, we are nothing more than the common scum we are trying to root out.

We will do whatever it takes.
Be killed, or kill. Sometimes both.

-Kurzz, Bounty Hunter


What a day! As I sit here in the Lusty Wench, quill in hand, pondering the events of the preceding day, I am struck by how truly skilled I am as a Wizard. I mean, really, I am truly one of the best. I’ve got a fancy new robe, it shimmers, and I have a new tome inscribed with the sigil of flame. And I haven’t a penny to my name, just as a true Wizard should. I shall have to send out my minions to collect more coinage soon. Yes, indeed…



Beer is good. Beer is really good. And so are meat pies. So good that you can nearly forget all about nasty, unpleasant adventures down in sewers. Nearly will be completely after a few more beers. And I won’t have to think about talking bugs. That might take a few beers more. Got to forget about goblins and bugs and sewers. And strange adventurers who drag perfectly good wizards into places that are best left perfectly alone. And so I go to sleep, happy that my adventuring days are forever behind me….



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