Hexamun: On the Brink

Fire! at the Library

Book (Burning) Club with Darius

The party began by questioning Adib in their room at the Oasis Inn. He, under some duress, revealed that he was contacted by an agent of the Red Fist to leave his place in the Underworld and work with them instead. He then took up his protection racket in the Drag sector of Hexamun City. His contact’s name was Darius, an apparent Red Fist infiltrator within Underworld itself.

The party convinced Adib in the error of his ways, and persuaded him to part with some of his protection earnings and to leave the city. They then rendezvoused with Titus at the North Gate to inform him of their success. He paid them for their work, but was troubled to learn that Darius was operating within their own organization. He contracted the party to hunt down Darius who was on a mission stealing from the Hexamun City Library.

Darius and his guards were busy searching the books and scrolls on the library shelves when the party arrived. After a tough fight where Darius set fire to many of the shelves, destroying countless tomes and records of Hexamun’s history and knowledge, he and his men were subdued. The party now stands in a burning library with a captive fire mage as their only lead to the Red Fist and its sinister plans.


dsoppenheimer dsoppenheimer

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