Hexamun: On the Brink

Red Fist 2 The Streets

After dropping poor Idris off at the Temple of Melora for healing, the nascent party dragged Wine Dealer / Black Market Fence dealer Constantine back to their employer Vlad at his place of business at the Horned Toad tavern. Unforunately, upon their return they discovered that Vlad had been stabbed!

He handed them a cryptic note which they quickly translated as a meeting with Vega at the North Gate of Hexamun City at Midnight. On their way, rushing to make the rendezvous, they were ambushed in the city streets by a Tiefling Assassin, Malachi. He seemed to be the same assassin responsible for the death of Orestes and the attempted murder of Vlad.

After a great struggle against him, Malachi was slain, though in the battle the mad wizard Cricket’s spells felled brave Ser Orin.

After dropping the slain Ser Orin off to join his brother in being resurrected at the Temple of Melora, the remainder of the party made their way to the North Gate, just in time for the proposed meeting with Vega. Except, instead of Vega, they were met by Titus, a lieutenant in the Underworld, who gave them their next mission.


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