Hexamun: On the Brink

The Mysterious Case of the Poisoned Wine

Poison is the party's weapon of choice

With mission in hand from Titus to track down a rogue ex-agent of the Underworld, Adib, the party picked up it’s newly re-livened members. Sur Oren and Idris proved to be all better thanks the healers at the Temple of Melora.

After scoping out the Crusty Tap, favorite inn of Adib, the party began to concoct a wild scheme to take him captive for interrogation. Reng visited an apothecary shop run by Alya in the Drag district and bought 6 vials of Goodnight Tincture. Cricket rented a room at the nearby Oasis Inn, while Staaz and Oren listened to some rumors around town and discovered that Adib was running an extortion racket in the Drag district.

With a bottle of poisoned fancy wine at the ready (courtesy of Constantine’s wine shop a few sessions past), Reng and Cricket lured Adib back to their rented room with promise of a new shop to be opened and with many profits to extort. Once Adib and one of his guards drank the poisoned wine, they fell into a deep stupor. The remaining guards were subdued with relative ease, leaving the party in possession of their prized captive. What his interrogation will yield, however, remains to be seen.


dsoppenheimer dsoppenheimer

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