Hexamun: On the Brink

An Island Lost in Time

I pen this next entry in the ruins of some ancient watchtower. Norian tells me that they are of dwarven origin though tiefling influence abounds. I do not know which is more disconcerting: that dwarves could sail beyond the horizon or that they would willing work with tieflings. Reason tells me that the former is impossible and that leads me to two possible conclusions. Either the dwarves were enslaved, in which case we should see their hidden signs marking weaknesses in their constructions, or this island is tied to the Underdark. I will have to remind my companions to be on their guard.

In truth, this island concerns me. I have already had to use far more of my magic than I would like and to little gain, other than the butcher of the natives we found encamped in these ruins. I managed to give us the element of surprise, but one of our members was nearly killed and several others badly injured. And on top of all that the heat of jungle continuously saps our strength. I fear that it will take far more than the three days our crew will wait for us to explore the secrets of this place, I will recommend that we decamp before then, though it will likely meet with much resistance. Hopefully Norian or Reng’s silver tongues will convince the native survivor to speak and we soon know whether this was a fool’s errand.

I have been remiss, the Annalist will string me up if I were to give this to him without the proper descriptions. He insists that we describe, in detail, the locales we journey through. Very well, I shall endeavor to describe the island. We approached from the northwest, traversing a magical fog that enshrouded the island. I advise caution on the approach, we very nearly smashed ourselves upon the cliffs that make up this edge of the island. The fog can be cleared temporarily by magic, revealing sheer cliffs that rise some two hundred feet high. I recommend one of the wizards create discs to ferry men and supplies up, only an expert climber would stand a chance at making that ascent. The land within is verdant, a thick, humid jungle. We struck inland, to the northeast, encountering a decent sized river upon whose north bank rests these ruins. A waterfall lies to our west, higher ground to the east. I will have more sense of this place one I am able to have Kurzz climb something tall. The natives are scantily clad, with bronzed skin and simple weapons, though they are no mean fighters. I mentioned already they nearly defeated us even with the element of surprise. I would recommend engaging them from high ground and behind cover; their resistances to magic are weak and the Company would have little problem dispatching them in the Captain’s usual manner. But the prisoner is coming to…


dsoppenheimer Kyran101

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