Hexamun: On the Brink

Voyage of the Damned

I, the wizard Rake, take up the pen to chronicle the events taking place after I separated from the Black Company. I hope to one day give these notes to the Annalist so they can be added to the histories of the Company. So I’ll do my best to keep it in the right style.

In those days the Company was under contract to the legendary sorceress Whisper who led the Company south to strike at the heart of some great evil that was stirring in the Underdark. Well that, or to unleash it, she was never explicitly clear. For six months I have chased the traitors that fled with our treasure when this decision was announced, in particular the wizard once now known as Toothless Jim. My search led me to the Tower of Magisters, where an old “acquaintance” gave me the name of a suitably ruthless band of adventurers that could be persuaded to assist me in my search.

It took several weeks to reach them in some god-forsaken port on the southeast coast of the Bountiful Meadows. I arrived ahead of them to find the town overrun with the undead. I made short work of a group that threatened to overwhelm the last bastion of resistance and settled in to wait for, and I shudder to even put the words to paper, the Tiger Festival.

I had no chance to observe their fight with the Vampires that controlled the undead, but I’m am told that they were effective, if not efficient. I had chance of my own to observe their skills aboard the Nightrunner, the ship that they ‘obtained’ to take us to some mythical island southeast beyond the horizon. As individuals, they are brutally, even monstrously, effective killers, but I sense no teamwork, no synergy of the kind that can defeat the most fantastical enemies. Certainly the sahuagin we fought on the high seas were dispatched with ruthless abandon, but I fear a more coordinated assault by more intelligent foes could have placed us in grave peril. New as I am to their companionship, I shall endeavor to gain their trust in my strategic abilities, else I fear we will all be destined for a shallow, forgotten grave.


dsoppenheimer Kyran101

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